Agroforestry Network Support

One of the success stories of the Master TreeGrower program has been the formation of agroforestry networks by the participants on completion of their training. These incorporated bodies have been able to deliver ongoing training and support to farmers in their regions by delivering field days, providing newsletters, sharing equipment, seeking grants and pooling timber, fruit and honey resources. There are currently four agroforestry networks operating in Uganda, two in Ethiopia and one in Zimbabwe. The first network was established in 2013. 

Outcomes: Beyond Subsistence provides support in the form of equipment (e.g. pruning equipment, watering or tending tools), high quality seed or seedlings and professional development of the leaders. Business initiatives are particularly encouraged so that the networks can become self-sufficient and sustainable in the long term.

Costs: agroforestry network support comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the initiatives and issues identified in the regions they operate in. Nevertheless, this support is generally limited to a maximum of AUD$2,000 amounts. All applications for support must meet key criteria to be approved.