Projects - Five Fs Ethiopia

Project Location

The Forest, Fruit and Forage for Farm Families (Five Fs) Project is located in Injibara, North Central Ethiopia. The region is home to the Awi people. Injibara has a cool temperate climate due to its elevation of approximately 2,500 m above sea level. The Five Fs Project is run by the international mission, aid and development organisation SIM.

Country Overview

Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country with over 112 million people. Sadly, Ethiopia is regularly found near the bottom of the Human Development Index world rankings (currently 173 out of 189 countries). Ethiopia is a land-locked country found in east Africa.

Ethiopia is a country with a broad elevation range. Some mountains climb to 4,500m above sea level while the lowlands can reach 100m below sea level. This creates a great variation in climate with some areas considered tropical and others cool temperate. Rainfall can vary from 100mm per year in the lowlands to over 2000mm per year in the highlands. A series of major droughts and a 17-year civil war in the 1970s and 1980s had a major impact on Ethiopia.

Regional Challenges

Ethiopia has lost large areas of tree cover since the start of the 20th century, resulting in major erosion problems and a loss of habitat. Many farm families live in extreme poverty because of poor land management, over grazing and regular droughts. Firewood supply is an ongoing challenge in most regions.

Project Goals & Activities

The Five Fs Project aims to provide a better life for farm families by increasing income, improving nutrition and ultimately reducing poverty. Project staff work with farmers and government agriculturalists to identify and propagate local plants to be used for food, animal forage, timber, firewood and other needs. Trials are also conducted on non-local plants that have the potential to yield useful products. These include many important fruit trees and vegetables, which are providing dietary improvements. The project also facilitates a small sawmill for wood processing.

Beyond Subsistence has been working in partnership with the Five Fs Project since 2010 providing assistance through staff coaching/mentoring, strategy planning and the provision of transport and equipment.