Agroforestry Training

Beyond Subsistence runs various agroforestry training programs depending on the region and the specific needs. The most common program delivered is the Master TreeGrower program.

The Master TreeGrower program delivers agroforestry training to champion farmers in regional areas to encourage the integration of trees into the landscape for multiple benefits including timber production, conservation and other enterprises such as apiary and horticulture.

The MTG program generally trains around 40 people in a region over a period of 5 days. The training is facilitated by a mix Australian and Ugandan presenters.

Outcomes: participants are empowered to manage their land with an agroforestry focus. Their newfound knowledge and skills enable them to address important issues such as food security, fuel and timber shortages, soil and water quality, livestock fodder, shelter and most importantly, income generation.  

Costs: each MTG program cost AUD$15,000 to $20,000 to run depending on the country.